Kelsey Marshall

Floral Design

My name is Kelsey Marshall and I am a floral designer from Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada.  

I guess you could say I was born into this career as I grew up in my mothers flower shop "playing with flowers" and developed this mad passion for designing, and have loved every minute of my 12 year career and cannot wait to see what the future holds for these flower dreams I have. 

 In June 2014  I took a huge leap in following my dreams and tested in Chicago for the Professional Floral Design Evaluation exam to become a member of the prestigious American Institute of Floral Design (AIFD) and I was completely elated to learn that I passed and was asked to become a member. My dreams have come true. I was inducted as an official Aifd member on July 2nd, 2015 and am so excited for what the future holds.  

Who am I?